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1996 - 2020


Design is research, Architecture is a political issue. They inseparably belong together and affect people’s lives: how we live, how our children are raised, how we are treated when we are ill and the quality of our neighbourhoods. Throughout history every human settlement has always had its own peculiarities.
pfc. is an international studio practicing design, architecture, urbanism, and cultural analysis. It was established in Milan in 2001 challenging clients and authorities to ensure good design is valued economically, socially and environmentally. Our activities include undertaking professional services, research, publishing, and holding lectures.
pfc’s team of consultants has been selected for each member’s high skills and experience. They work closely together to produce high-quality, rigorous research to be widely disseminated, in addition to help define and deliver the best long-term solution for our clients’ organisations, one that fulfils all the original project aims and requirements.

Our architecture, interior and product design departments work across styles from diverse time periods, always looking to enhance life through good design. We collaborate with our clients and craftsmen to produce from personalised living environments up to high profile public buildings.
As our studio is committed to design excellence and customer service, we design the majority of the project’s interiors, to produce remarkable results. Besides focusing on the study and accurate design, we also carry out a thorough research on materials and working techniques. At the same time, we scout auctions throughout Europe looking for furniture pieces of the most important 20th century designers. The calibrated mix of designed interiors and furniture with the modern and rare pieces makes each project unique since it’s entirely tailored to our customers’ needs. In addition, we work very closely with Italian craftsmen which brings the advantage of having competitive prices for high quality products.

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Pierfrancesco Cravel Architects




Via Gian Giacomo Mora 7
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Via Gian Giacomo Mora 7 - Milano