Design - 2015

PFC Architects - Design - Frammenti
PFC Architects - Design - Frammenti
PFC Architects - Design - Frammenti

Suspended between modernity and the past. Between Carlo Scarpa and Archizoom, between design and contemporary art, such a fragment of Giorgio Dantone’s house has been made of Portoro marble and brass. It is rooted in history, culture and in the Italian landscape. Pictures by Francesco Mattuzzi.

As in works of Llyn Foulkes, space controls the superimposition of signs in an imaginary dialogue between Carlo Scarpa and Mies van Der Rohe, between licini’s, Mondrian’s, Cyprien Galliard’s and paola Pivi’s abstract art. “It is necessary to make possible the coexistence of planning logics distant from each other in order to adapt project complexity to that of the contemporary world”.
The result is provisional equilibrium of materials and colours that lose their volume on the decorative area in order to explore fictitious relationships of reality, between the intense reds of brass, dark purple and many shades of gray that multiply in the marbles, marquetries and plasters.
Thin walnut wood lines traverse the whole architectural space. The tangible expression of the fracture method used in the project appears to search for the sense of a sampling of fine and sophisticated signs with materials and finishes combined in a seemingly absurd way.

Exposed along the wall that faces the window are showcases that cross into one another with the collection hanging in a new frame of broken lines, black with sections of brass in the style of Munari where same mirrors made between 1945 and 1960 are set with fine, curved, woden frames.
From a higher level, the mirrors catch glimpses of the landscape outside and retraces the inside as if to suggest that fashion is a tale of a life of elegance, sophistication and culture: contradictory volumes, mistaken colours and improbable combinations find shape, density and sense.

On the occasion of the opening, five of the twenty pieces of “call anything you want” by Paola Pivi have been exhibited together with two prototypes of “Liconi” from Alessi Museum.

Corrado Levi, “Trattatino di architettura”, Tranchida 1993